How To Read 2 Books Per Day Even If You Don’t Have Time



I know what you’re thinking.

“Gee, I don’t have time to read 10 pages of a book per day let alone read 2 books per day!”

I’m right there with you BUT if you’ll hang on just for a moment (or 5, realistically), I will show you how I’ve been reading 2 books per day and how you can do the same.

We’ve all heard the phrase “readers are leaders“.

And in the deepest of many of our hearts, we would like to read more often. However when you throw in a full-time job, a husband, kids, church, essential appointments (and the list could go on here), it can seem close to impossible to find time to actually do the reading that will help you become the leader you so desire to become.

I read somewhere that Zig Ziglar who is well-known for his motivational speeches on sales , marketing and life in general read 3 hours a day.

Every single person I know personally who has achieved some level of success in their field is an avid reader. My father read at least 2 hours every single day when I count the amount of time he spent reading newspapers as well as books that interested him personally and reading for his profession as an agricultural scientist.

A practical tip I could give here on this issue is to start blocking the very things in our lives that keep us distracted – social media, Netflix (preaching to myself here) and staying out of our e-mail inboxes. This inevitably will free up time for you to put towards learning and creating.

Another viable solution is to turn to audiobooks.

HOWEVER, truth be told not all of us like to sit down and read 300-page books. In fact, for me, by the time I get to page 50, I have forgotten what I read in the first 10 pages. And it sometimes seems the authors are simply filling up the pages with fluff just to make a certain page count. Eventually, the fluff bores me and starts to put me to sleep.

I give up on the book and blow my chance to become more educated.

Anyone relate ?

WARNING : If you’re a purist book reader who thinks reading a 300-page book is the ONLY way to get an education from a book, you will want to look away now.

If you have EVER been in this dilemma , I am suggesting Blinkist as a solution.


What Blinkist Provides

  • Blinkist provides you with EXCELLENT 15-minute summaries (or “blinks”) of the major points of popular books you’ve always wanted to read – you can read or listen to an audio
  • They have 1000+ books you could add to your personal library
  • For just about $4/month (billed annually) you can send books in your library to Amazon Kindle or save it to Evernote
  • If you use the paid plan you can also read your books offline without an internet connection which means you can learn anywhere
  • You can use it on your computer or mobile device
  • There is a free 3-day trial you can test out before you commit financially

Yes, Blinkist is paid but I was happy to shell out the annual membership fee for the value provided. I get major take-aways every time I read a book using Blinkist and if you are like me, I know you will too.

I am happy with Blinkist so far and really do recommend it as a way to growth-hack your own learning.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

How To Read 2 Books Per Day Even If You Don't have Time