3 Steps To Respecting The Hustle It Takes To Build A Profitable Venture

Respect The Hustle

Obvious piece of advice for anyone who is bent on making this whole “building a business” thing work : respect the hustle , don’t resist it.

Building a business takes work.

Sure, you could make 6 figures in 6 months with no sweat. But that would be as unlikely as me telling you I had tea with the Queen of England last afternoon. {{{Right}}}. Moving along.

Making 6 figures is possible all day long if you are willing to put in the hustle and work it takes to get there. And as a matter of fact, hustling CAN be enjoyable plus it gives you stories to tell people.

Here are my 3 steps to NOT resisting the hustle it takes to building a profitable venture.

Set a goal for how much money you’d like to make & how many people will have to pay you to get to that point

I love this quote : living life with no goals is like setting off from your house in your car with no destination.

A. Have a destination for your business. Make it realistic. Perhaps, you’re like me when I started out. I was in graduate school. My background was in the sciences and I had no clue people could actually make a living online. At that point, an extra $500 or $1000 meant EVERYTHING to me. Maybe you’re more advanced at this point and $5000 will be enough for you to quit your job. Make that your goal.

Choose a number that is comfortable and attainable for what you do NOW.

B.  Once you have determined how much $$ you’d like to make, it is time to figure out how many people it is going to take to get you to your goal.

If you run a service-based biz : how many clients do you need to get to your income goal ?

Your total money goal = how much you charge per client X number the clients.

C. Now go and find those clients/customers/students/people who have your money. And yes, this means marketing yourself to people.

Argh, but Gertrude, I hate marketing myself !”

I used to as well. In fact, I still don’t like marketing myself sometimes.

Here’s the thing though : you have invested a lot of time and money in learning your skill. You would not sign up for a job where you would do all the work for no pay. Thus, you deserved to be paid for whatever it is you are selling because your skill/business/course solves a PROBLEM for someone else.

Take note of the underlined phrase above.

Your business solves a problem.

So advertising your business is you advertising a SOLUTION to someone else’s problem. Tylenol does it everyday and so does your favorite toothpaste brand. And we don’t call them slimy. So, you’re good.

Test , Tweak and Retest

I work full-time as a research scientist at an academic institution.

One of the things I do repeatedly in my job is to plan experiments. A lot of the time, those experiments don’t work for various reasons I won’t get into. When that happens, I take the results I got for that experiment, think through why it may not have worked and rework a plan to do the experiment again with some refinements.

It’s no different with your business.

Whether it’s a sales pitch or your pricing or even your business idea, you are going to test things out for yourself and see what works and what does not. You can ask if people think your idea will work in Facebook groups and forums all day long. You absolutely have to test it out and find out if it works. Based on your results, it may be necessary to tweak things to make them work better and increase your chances of success.

I must admit that testing and then tweaking and retesting can sometimes be incredibly annoying because human as we are we want things to just work the first time ! This is also the point where people sometimes throw in the towel and want to give up.

Please don’t give up. Keep testing and tweaking and retesting. You will find your sweet spot. I promise.

Never stop learning

Last but not least, and perhaps tied to my previous point, never stop learning.

This is going to apply to everything from making sure you’re abreast with software upgrades , to learning better ways to serve clients to learning how to be massively productive in your business.

About 4 years ago, I read that Zig Ziglar would read 3 hours every single day. Why ? He said he was looking to learn something new each day. No wonder he had the level of success he had.

People who learn and most importantly put what they have learned into practice can only improve on their businesses.

This is my 3-step formula to respecting the hustle it takes to build a worthwhile side business.

How are you respecting the hustle ?

Respect the hustle 2