How To Build An E-mail List : SendPulse Review


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I am a big believer in building an e-mail list and if you hang around me long enough, you will hear me talk about them constantly especially if you are a blogger who plans to monetize their efforts online.

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The fine people at SendPulse reached out to me to do a review of their e-mail marketing software and since I am always happy to test out different software that could make my life (and yours) as a blogger easier, I obliged.

Now for the legal stuff (per FTC rules) : This is a sponsored post. I received compensation from SendPulse to review their software. However, all the opinions I share in this post are mine.

Now, for the review.

SendPulse Review

If you would like to watch a quick video tour of the inside of SendPulse, here is one :

#1 – Easy To Navigate User Interface

Once I had signed up for SendPulse, the thing that struck me the most was the simplicity of their user interface.

In my 3 years of blogging, I have gone through Mailchimp, Getresponse and now happily use ActiveCampaign.

The user interface of all three took a little getting used to but SendPulse’s is fairly easy to navigate as you can see from a screenshot of their dashboard below.


#2 – They have a free plan for up to 2500 subscribers

Yay ! If you are currently bootstrapping and need an e-mail marketing software that allows you to have a free plan, SendPulse is good.

Their basic free plan gives you an opportunity to have 2500 subscribers before you start paying for the service.


#3 – Form Templates

One of the biggest complaints I hear from bloggers all the time is that they cannot find a service that provides them with BOTH elegant forms to collect e-mails and amazing e-mail marketing service.

Even though I only tried out the free plan, Sendpulse does have some simple yet classic lead generation forms that you can customize with your own colors and place on your website.

Really impressed they had this feature because this is a feature missing even with some of the e-mail marketing platforms that have been around longer.


#4 – Different Form Types

Another feature I was impressed with was the different form types you can create within SendPulse.

Again, even some of the big players only reserve form types like pop-up forms for their higher tiered plans.

You can create embedded forms, pop-ups, and forms that float.

sendpulse review


#5 – Reports to help you keep up with your numbers

I am huge on knowing your numbers so you can grow meaningfully.

One of the things I noticed while reviewing SendPulse was that you can go deep into your analytics on campaigns you send out to your e-mail list.


#6  – Web Push Notifications

Even if you don’t know what a Web Push Notification is, it is likely you have encountered one while visiting one of your favorite websites.

They look like this :

..and SendPulse offers them to you as well.

I was honestly surprised at this feature because it is not something I see with other e-mail marketing services. I don’t use push notifications myself but I thought it was neat that it is offered here.

Here’s a short tutorial SendPulse has on Web Push Notifications.

#7 – Automations

Any e-mail marketing software worth its’ salt needs automations – the ability to create e-mail sequences that are triggered and which also increase your chances of building deep relationships with your subscribers.


#8 – A/B Tests

I thought this was impressive as well since A/B testing is typically a really advanced feature of most e-mail marketing platforms.

I am a believer in testing things to choose which one works best instead of relying on what other people have done and prescribed as “the ONLY way” to do things.

Was there something I did not like ?

Honestly, I think if you are looking for a simple, straightforward e-mail marketing software, SendPulse can offer you that.

No bells. No whistles.

And since I am still in the early stages of testing SendPulse’s efficiency on metrics like like e-mail open rates and inbox deliverability I cannot say anything negative about SendPulse at this time.

Most likely in the near future however, I will be updating this post with my thoughts on what I don’t like about it.

 I am a fairly low maintenance person though, (haha!) so I most likely will not find much to criticize.

Closing Thoughts

So that is my assessment of SendPulse and you are welcome to check them out and try them out as well.

I think I would highly recommend it to my friends who are not very tech-savvy but are keen on building an e-mail list yesterday.

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section.

 I am a big believer in building an e-mail list and if you hang around me long enough, you will hear me talk about them constantly especially if you are a blogger who plans to monetize their efforts online. If you are looking for something fairly simple to help you build your e-mail list, SendPulse may be the solution.