A Simple Social Media Strategy That Increased My Traffic by 135 Percent in 2 Weeks

Without a social media strategy, you are bound to fail if you are using it for blog traffic. Here's how a tweak in your social media strategy can turn your traffic around in 2 weeks.

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I have a confession to make.

I have not been doing a great job promoting my blog on a daily basis.

Here’s what I have been doing :

  • Write a blog post
  • Upload it to Triberr automatically
  • Share it ONCE on Twitter
  • Share it in a few Pinterest Group Boards I am a part of
  • Share it in FB groups I am a part of on days when promotions go on
  • Share my link on StumbleUpon/Bizsugar


Now that sounds like I am doing A LOT to promote my blog posts but the thing is I was not doing it strategically and like anything you fail to do strategically, the likelihood of failure is pretty high.

And so fail I did.

And on top of that, I was posting only 1-2 times per month on this blog. Somebody give me a V8 head-knock.

In the months of August and September, traffic to my blog dipped drastically.

Lesson noted.

So then of course, I was in the market for better ways to drive daily, consistent and sticky traffic to my blog.

I started with a social media strategy revamp. This is what happened.

Traffic Image


The orange line represents the week of September 27 through October 4 and the blue line represents traffic from October 11 to October 17 2015.

Is my traffic where I would like it to be ? Errm … No ! 

I however learned a crucial lesson from the social media strategy that got me these results : if you are not intentional + strategic with your social media strategy for your blog (or for the overall promotion for your blog for that matter) you will fail and fail miserably.

So in the steps below, I am sharing with you the simple social media strategy I used to increase my traffic by 135% in a mere two weeks.

Let’s do it.

Twitter Strategy

I have to thank Mattie James of Mattieologie for this strategy. She shared this on a Periscope episode last week and I tried it out. Glad I did.

I was tweeting between 20-30 times a day.

That is not a typo. I never said this was going to be easy.

Why so many times ?

Because your tweets get only about 11 seconds in your followers’ Twitter feed before they are pushed further down the line by the thousands of tweets that go out every second. Thus, unless your followers are spending all day on Twitter (highly unlikely) or troop to visit your Twitter profile every single time they sign into Twitter (another unlikely event unless you are an NFL star or a reality show sweetheart), tweeting 3 times a day is simply not going to cut it.

Also : no, I did not sit down at my computer all day to tweet up to 30 times a day.

  1. I scheduled all these posts using Buffer. If you use the free version of Buffer, you can only schedule 10 posts to Twitter at a time. So I would schedule my first 10 posts for the day which would stretch from 6:00am to 2pm. Here is my posting schedule for the first part of my day from Buffer

buffer posting times


At or around 1pm, I would go into buffer to schedule the other 10 posts for the day.

2. I sign in around 2pm and again around 5pm to see if anyone had engaged with me on Twitter. I would chat with them – favorite, retweet or send a reply as appropriate. I spent around 10-15 minutes doing this.

3. Was I only sharing links to my blog posts ? No, my dear friend ! That’s for super-slimy marketers. I will give you a rough breakdown of exactly what I was sharing

a) Other people’s content – I use Triberr.com and Inbound.org to discover new content in my niche I can share – 30% 

b) Quote-o-graphics – Easily made in Canva or Pablo using Bible verses or inspiring quotes from inspiring folks – 10%

c) My content – not just current blog posts but older blog posts that have been pushed away from the public eye with time but which are still relevant. I also shared links that led directly to a landing page offering people who signed up a special e-mail opt-in I created showing how I got 10,000 visitors to my blog in 8 months. My count here also includes auto-tweeted links to my Periscope episodes here as well- 30%

d) Personal questions – I did not do this as much but still super relevant – 5%

e) Responses to people engaging me – I did not schedule these of course. Like I mentioned above, I would actually sign into Twitter and interact – 25%

Time Investment for this strategy : Roughly 1.5-2 hours per day – this includes finding content, creating graphics for posts, scheduling posts to go out and then actually interacting on Twitter.

Pinterest Strategy

If you have followed me long enough, you know by now that Pinterest is my jam. I discover new things on there and if you are like me who does not have single thread of room decor and design woven into my fabric, you will understand why Pinterest is my best friend. I even have a whole webinar on the subject.

(I am good with words. Now room decor and making it look like ‘dem magazines ? I fail miserably at that. But that is a discussion for another time and place).

I am a member of several Pinterest Group Boards. I would typically post to ALL the Group Boards I was a part of on the day I posted and just left it at that. Of course, I would get a spike in my traffic from Pinterest on those days I posted to the boards and maybe 2 days afterward but then it would fizzle as people would post newer pins to the Group boards.

My way around that problem was to stagger my posts to the different Group Boards. So instead of posting to say 10 group boards on the same day and at the same time, I would post to 2-3 per day on different days of the week. It worked much better than my prior plan. Time investment was around 5-10 minutes.

Google+ Strategy

I can hear some people sneering already.

You still use Google+ , Gee ?

Well, dear friend, while Google+ is not exactly a “hot” platform, I surprisingly got traffic and some pretty sweet engagement/e-mail sign ups from posting there too.

Like Pinterest, I am a member of several blogging communities on Google+. People post questions just like those do on forums and FB groups. I took the chance to answer questions for people and also shared relevant posts in the promotional sections.

Add value to people and they will add value to you. I did this towards the latter part of the week and was delighted to see the “+1’s” it generated. I plan on using the Google+ Communities more regularly from now…at least until Google decides to shut Google+ down.

Never say never to any platform !

Time investment here was 15-20 minutes.

Summary of Lessons Learned

a) Automate at least 70% of your social media and do 30% of it in real time. It saves you time.


b) Choose platform where “your people” hang out and provide value to them. They will return the favor.


c) Sharing your post on social media one time, on one day is not going to get you even 10% of the results you want to see. You are allowed to share your posts more than once and if you have older posts in your archives that are still relevant to the audience you are trying to reach, you should share it as well.


d) Success with social media comes with strategic planning, diligence and consistency. It is the only way to get results.

Let me know in the comments if this post was useful and if you have a better social media strategy, please share it ! 

Without a social media strategy, you are bound to fail if you are using it for blog traffic. Here's how a tweak in your social media strategy can turn your traffic around in the next 4 weeks.