20 Skills You Can Learn Online and Make Money With In The Next 60 Days

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The new year is upon us and with that comes a plethora of goal-setting sessions. Am I right ?

If one of those goals is to increase your income with a practical strategy, then this blog post is for you !

It is possible to learn a new skill and turn that into a profit machine in just a few months.

I am living proof of that.


I’m a research scientist who is finishing up her second year making money from social media management and writing ! I learned both of those skills entirely on my own and nobody has ever asked me to produce a degree showing them that I can do either one of those things.

Here’s something I want to make you believe before you leave this website : you don’t need a degree in any of the skills I list below to start making money from them. 

Most clients you will work for hardly care about degrees – they care about results.

If you can deliver those results, the sky is the limit as to how far you can take this thing.

With the creation of easily accessible online learning communities like Udemy, Skillshare and Coursera, there really is now no reason why you cannot pick up a skill and learn it well enough to charge people for it.

Here are 20 skills you can learn online and make money with in the next 60-90 days if you are truly committed to the process.

For each skill,  I will also link to a course online you can start learning from TODAY.

Here is my challenge to you.

  • Read through the list below noting the skills you think you might enjoy learning
  • Click on the links for the courses to learn that skill
  • Grab the course and commit to finishing the course within the next 30 days.
  • Pitch someone with your new skill-set and get them to pay you

If you stick to this simple plan, you will be amazed at your results in the next 60-90 days.

Let’s delve into it.

20 Skills You Can Learn Online and Make Money With In The Next 60 Days


Of all the skills I have learned, this is my favorite because I am a writer at heart. It is also the skill that has made me the most money in 2017 !

In January of this year, I decided I really wanted to get serious with turning my innate ability to write into a meaningful business.

Holly Johnson’s course Earn More Writing was the catalyst I needed to help me get started with plus in her Facebook community which is a part of the course, she will occasionally post leads to jobs. In fact, one of those leads has become one of my biggest clients this year.

So if freelance writing is an area you would love to delve deep into in the coming year, I cannot recommend her course and community highly enough.

Check out the Earn More Writing course here.


But wait !

Writing comes in different flavors – all of which you can make a living from.

The courses where you can learn each skill is hyperlinked.

Social Media Management

Social media management is my second source of freelance income !

I even wrote a book on it and created a course around it. You can check both of them out here.

Why social media management ?  Because a lot of small businesses want to be on social media but don’t know how to be on social media or do not have the time to create the content and engagement you have to have in order to execute a great social media strategy.

So then they need people like YOU who have learned the skill of social media management to help them.

In 2016, I made between $500-$1200 monthly from social media management alone.

Check out the eBook + Video course here

WordPress Website Design

If you already love to play around with websites, this one is all you.

And honestly there are several directions you can go with this skill set. You could provide full-on design services or simply be the “WordPress Website Maintenance” guy or gal for someone.

Although I have not done big web design jobs, having used WordPress myself for almost 5 years and taken a few courses to help me hone my knowledge has actually helped me get paid by clients to maintain their websites for them.

Course to check out : Build The Perfect SEO Optimized WordPress Website from A-Z


Coding/Data Science

Coding is one of those skill-sets I wish I had personally and which I honestly think in the near future will become even more important than it is right now.

From medicine to the banking industry, data science is in high demand and yes you can freelance it if you want to.

It will take a bit more experience and a little more than 60 days but if you are already great at this sort of thing, you can learn it completely online and turn it around for your own good quickly.

Courses to check out :

Python – Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python
R – R Programming A-Z: R For Data Science With Real Exercises!
Ruby on Rails – The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course



Once again, this is a skill that can bring you a lot of income if you know which direction to go in.

Like writing, it has unique sub-niches you can easily brand yourself into – wedding photography, newborn photography, nature photography and the list goes on.

Courses to check out :

Photo editing

Because those photographers may be too busy to edit their own photos, guess who can take on that load ?

Course to check out : Adobe Lightroom CC: Photo Editing Masterclass


Filming events your thing ? You can hone that skill and sell it as a valuable service to wedding planners, event planners and corporate offices.

Course to check out : How to Become a Freelance Videographer

Video editing

Guess who the videographers will turn to to turn their raw film into epic masterpieces ?

That is right !

Course to check out : Video Editing : Premiere Pro CC for Beginners

Graphic Design

Graphic design is probably one of the oldest skills in the book you can learn and sell as a service. From book cover design to logo design to designing unique graphics for an entire brand/company, a graphic designer will continually be necessary in the world.

But Canva and PicMonkey make it so easy for anyone to create graphics.


But the reality is that most people using Canva and PicMonkey are not using it at the professional level to create graphics for a whole brand. That is where you come in : the person who comes in with skills and insight that are above an amateur level.

Course to check out :

Logo Design – Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners & Beyond

Book Cover Design – eBook and Paperback Book Cover Design Using Canva and Gimp

Photoshop – The Business Graphic Design with Photoshop & Illustrator

Gimp – GIMP Beginner – Advanced: Free Photoshop like Graphic Design

Tax Preparation

I used to think tax prep was only done during tax season.

However, small corporations need to file their taxes on a quarterly basis and will pay a tax prep expert handsomely to get that work done. Most of this work will be done in conjunction with a certified personal accountant (CPA).

Course to check out : How to Become a Tax Preparer and Earn Big Part-Time


Businesses always need help with reconciling their financial transactions to ensure all their numbers are correct come the end of the year.

And yes it is possible to learn this skill online.

Check out this course :Introduction to Financial Accounting


People buy from your store and they get their orders delivered to them but you never handled the items yourself ?

It is possible and it is called drop-shipping.

It is more nuanced than it sounds, but I have personally met folks doing very well with drop-shipping.

Luckily for you, you can learn the ins and outs of it online as well.

Learn more about Drop-Shipping : Build a Dropshipping Empire From Scratch. Proven Blueprint

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is slightly different from drop-shipping in that you will handle the items but you will use Amazon as your storefront and also send your items to an Amazon Processing Facility from where your items will be shipped once an item is ordered from your Amazon store.

Learn more about Amazon FBA : How to Start an Amazon FBA Store on a Tight Budget

Closing Thoughts

I could honestly go on and on with this list but I think what I’ve listed above is enough fodder for you to take action on and turn into a profitable side hustle or full time gig in the coming year.

Let me know in the comments which one of these skills resonates the most with you.