4 Things Your Social Media Strategy Should Do For You

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When it comes to social media, every business and brand knows that they need to be on social media.

I mean, every retargeting pixel ad from every famous blogger in the digital marketing space at one point or another has been about how to dominate one social media platform or another.

We don’t lack the knowledge.

But knowing this has not resulted in all of us seeing the kind of success we would like to see social media generate for our businesses. Am I correct ?

Time for a harsh reality.

The reason social media “does not work” for some is not because social media does not work. The real reason is because clear-cut goals for social media and how that will tie back into our businesses are NEVER set.

Creating awareness for a business is the most obvious reason why most of us use social media.

If your social media strategy does not create awareness for your business, it is ineffective. There are however many parts to creating awareness for your business and this is what I’m here to discuss today.

Your business’ social media strategy should include these 4 ultimate goals if you want to be well-rounded.

4 Essential Elements Of A Healthy Social Media Strategy

Traffic generation

If you have not heard this already, I will share it with you. Don’t make your social media outlets be the ONLY way people can find you online. Yes. It is possible that Facebook , Twitter or Youtube may not shut down in the forseeable future.

However, it is still not a great idea to make that the end of the line for people who are interested in doing business with you. Having a homebase – preferably a blog – where you can direct people after their initial contact with you on social media can only benefit you in the long run.

As I write this around 40% of my overall blog traffic comes from social media. In fact, although I hadn’t written a blog post in about 2 months (I know, I know !) , Pinterest still sends me a healthy flow of traffic every single day.

Use social media to drive traffic back to your homebase.


A powerful thing social media allows regular folks like you and I to do even if we don’t have Coca Cola’s budget is to educate our potential clients and customers on the solutions we provide.

Education on social media can take several forms and don’t need to be complicated:

  • Video tutorials
  • Live streaming sessions
  • Recipes
  • Infographics
  • Tip-o-graphics
  • Sharing resources

In the case of any of these options, the end result of constantly providing this kind of educational value is that you will build authority over time. And building that kind of authority in turn helps you earn the trust of your future clients/customers.


Rochelle Griffin

Would you be more likely to buy from Rochelle after seeing this over someone who simply screams “Buy from me” ? Of course you would !

Educate on social media to build authority + trust.


Obvious piece of advice coming your way : don’t be boring on social media ! 

You are more likely to buy from someone who is personable and friendly. It’s no different on social media.

All work and no play is boring. Personal stories, photos, funny memes and puzzles that urge people to comment are all excellent ways I have found to not just increase engagement on your social media profiles but a wonderful way to show people that there is a real live PERSON behind the business.

A perfect example is a picture Sandi Krakowski shared of her grandson on her Facebook page : Sandi Krakowski

This post got 6000 likes and hundreds of comments within a day. Although she’s a phenomenal internet educator and marketer who has made millions, Sandi regularly does this and is certainly one of the things that endeared her to me when I started following her.

A word of caution here though – be careful what you share when it comes to your personal life.

Humanize. Don’t overshare.

Acquisition of Leads/Sales

The typical advice you might hear at this point is to get people on your e-mail list. I am not against e-mail lists and as you may have very well noticed, I do have sign up forms here on my blog. In fact, I will add my voice to the chorus and encourage you to build that list, baby ! These are people who have given you permission to get in touch with them and you are allowed to present your offers to them provided it is something that will soothe a pain point for them.

However, you CAN get people to buy from you without them ever having to be on your e-mail list.

3 ways of generating sales via social media :

  • Sharing an affiliate link for a product
  • Directing people to a landing page for your product/service even if you host them on third party sites like Kindle and Udemy
  • An e-mail capture form so you can contact them whenever unless they unsubscribe

If you have done a great job of educating and humanizing and giving value, people will be delighted to buy from you even if it’s only via social media and your blog. 

Wrapping it Up

Every social media platform is built differently and the one which will WORK for you is the one you WORK. However some platforms work better for particular functions. These are my personal recommendations when it comes to each of the goals I mentioned above.

Traffic Generation : Twitter , Pinterest + Facebook (paid ads)

Education/Entertainment : Youtube/Google hangouts, Periscope + Facebook

Lead Gen/Sales : Periscope , Pinterest + Twitter

These are what have worked for me personally.

I would love to learn what has worked for you as far as each of these areas is concerned in the comments below.

Are you sure you have the RIGHT social media strategy for your blog/business ? Make sure these 4 things are happening or else...it's all wrong.