In this 3-minute video, I will show you how to set up your very own WordPress self-hosted site using Fatcow ; the company I use for hosting my sites.

I have used Fatcow for 3 years now and have not encountered any problems at all with their hosting. Fatcow’s tech support is FANTASTIC !

There have been a few times when I’ve had technical difficulties with my site. All I needed was to get on the phone with them and by the time we were done talking the issue was solved. For free.

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Affiliate disclosure : please note that if you use the link above to purchase a year’s worth of hosting from Fatcow, I will receive compensation for referring you at no additional cost to you. If you do end up buying through my link, thanks for supporting me. If not, no pressure. I still appreciate you.


As my way of saying THANKS for using my special discount code, I will :

1) Do a free install of WordPress onto your domain name

2) Install 5 ABSOLUTE must-have plugins onto your WordPress backend

3) I’ll schedule a FREE 20-minute consult with you and help you strategize your blogging-biz plan (how to generate traffic to your blog, monetization strategies etc) so you can get started on the right foot (and not dilly-dally in the dark for as long as I did when I started blogging !!)


a) E-mail me at to let me know you purchased hosting via my link

b) After I have verified your purchase, I will e-mail you back for your Fatcow Control Panel details (username + password)

c) Within 24 hours, I will have WordPress and the plugins installed and will schedule your FREE 20-minute consult at that time.