Here’s why you should to start a side business. Even if you never plan to leave your 9-5.

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If you’ve hung around me long enough, you know I am an advocate for starting a side business/side hustle even if you think you’re never going to leave your 9-5.

A recent personal experience has brought this home for me so vividly.

I am a research scientist by training which meant that when I was done with my PhD in May of 2015, I would jet off across the country with my family to start working at a major university in California.

Most research labs run on government funding. And even though there are smaller grants through associations like The March of Dimes or The American Heart Association- the big money comes from the government.

Well, in the first quarter of the year, our boss let us know that funding was running out and that he would not be able to support us.

Rough! Bu this is not at all a strange concept in the medical research world.

So May 31 2018 would come along and I and a number of colleagues were out of jobs.

For the first time in my life, I was so grateful that I had been building a growing a side hustle for the last three years.

Finding a new job is not impossible. It is just really competitive out there and so takes some time.

But guess what? As the date drew near to my regular job ending, I felt NO fear.

I did have one sleepless night where I was like “Oh shoot! My 9-5 is over! Now what?

After that though, I have slept like a baby.

And this is why I am going to be harping on the message of starting a side hustle until I become a broken record!

5 reasons to start a side business even if you never plan to leave your 9-5

1- You will learn new skills

Starting a side business will help you learn new invaluable skills.

And that includes everything from soft skills to practical hands on skills.

For instance, because I’ve been including YouTube as a part of my content strategy this year, I have had to learn the intricacies of creating engaging YouTube videos. This has meant I improved a great deal when it comes to editing my videos.

Video editing is something I would have never learned otherwise.

I’ve also learned to pitch myself to clients and get them to say yes. When I first started out freelancing, my first pitches were completely terrible. I go back to read some things I wrote more than 3 years ago and I am not even surprised that nobody responded to that.

Whatever side hustle path you choose to go down, you will learn a PLETHORA of skills so you can keep improving your craft.

How do you learn more skills?

You have to invest in courses.

I highly recommend Udemy or Skillshare for this purpose.

(Click here to get two months of free courses on Skillshare.)

2- You will make extra money

It doesn’t take Einstein to know that extra money is a good side benefit of side hustling.

Whether it’s paying off debt or putting more money away towards your child’s college fund, side hustles are a proven way to make more money.

3- You will meet new people who will become instrumental to your success

Starting my blogging/vlogging/freelancing side hustle has allowed me to meet some pretty phenomenal people.

As a result of attending Fincon last year for instance, I have built relationships with people- some of whom have paid me.

At the beginning of my journey, I listened to people like Pat Flynn, Regina Anaejionu and John Lee Dumas.

Each of these people have inspired me to do great work from afar and have taught me the power of longevity and sticking with things for a long time.

Last year I started going for monthly entrepreneurial meetings Pat Flynn was hosting in San Diego.

I mean…**keels over in excitement**

These three years have been some of the best years of my life as I’ve gotten to connect with creative entrepreneurs who are adding a lot of value to the world through their work.

4- The days of “stable jobs” are over

With the exception of a handful of professions, the days of working with one company for 40 years and then having a big retirement party are over.

Acquisitions and mergers of companies, start-ups folding up and an overall unpredictable market have made it such that it is not uncommon to see someone change their job 3 or 4 times in a decade.

I have observed people with PhDs search for jobs for months without success.

Please note that I am not calling doom and gloom on the world of regular jobs.

I would not mind working in biotech or the pharmaceutical industry with my PhD and keeping this as a side hustle.

But the facts are the facts- jobs are not as stable as they used to be.

5- You derive a lot of joy from creating things

Listen to me!

Creating things brings me a lot of joy.

Whether that thing I created was for a client or myself, there is always a sense of accomplishment that comes with creating a blog post, a video, a free or paid product.

Give it a try- you will be amazed.

Closing Thoughts

Perhaps you never have a plan to leave your 9-5.

Perhaps you’re a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or some other secure profession where the fear of losing a job will never touch you.

This is great!

But if for nothing at all, start a side business just so you learn to do something that is out of your comfort zone.

Who knows?

Even though you might have never planned on leaving your regular job, you might find that starting a side hustle ignites a passion in you that you never thought was there.

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