How To Start A Youtube Channel-The RIGHT WAY

Ready to start a YouTube channel?

Today’s post is by Giorgia Martinucci.  Giorgia is a freelance digital marketing consultant and strategist who has worked on the European YouTube ad campaigns for the premieres of The Hobbit and Man of Steel, as well as Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards.

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Like many young people in their twenties living in London, I rent a flat, which I share with 2 other girls.

This means I’ve inherited mismatched cutlery, chipped plates and various kitchen utensils which previous tenants have left behind.

The other day I was looking forward to a warm, hearty soup so I started preparing one in the kitchen and remembered I had some tinned beans I could use in my cupboard. When I found them I noticed the tin can didn’t have a pull-ring so I ravaged the drawer to find a can opener only to locate an early Ikea model.

Now, I think of myself as a capable adult who can face most house-keeping and DIY challenges, but I had no success trying to open the can with the Ikea utensil. In the span of 10 minutes I went from feeling like I belonged to Master Chef to feel like a Books for Dummies case study. Just as I was about to lose it, I was hit by a light-bulb moment : I could see if there was a tutorial on YouTube.

To my surprise, there was. I watched for a couple of minutes as a guy from Russia who was also frustrated with this old Ikea can opener showed how to operate it. It turned out there was an almost hidden feature which I had completely overlooked. Later that day, I enjoyed my tasty soup.

I told you this story to show you that you don’t have to be a makeup guru or a video game expert to be on YouTube, but that there is space for everyone who can bring value, even for the really odd tips.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and EVERYONE should leverage it. 

How To Start A YouTube Channel-The RIGHT WAY

Get Chrome

Chrome is Google’s free browser compatible with any operating system and computer. It’ll make it easier to manage all the Google products you’ll need to get up and running.

Create a Google account

A Google account is required whether you’re an individual brand or a large business. Go ahead and create a one.

As a blogger

If you’re a blogger using your personal name, you’ll only need to sign up for a Google account and this comes with the opportunity to set up a YouTube channel.

All you need to do is activate it. 

When you’re logged into Chrome (or your Gmail account), in the top right-hand corner you can quickly access YouTube and once there, claim your YouTube Channel.

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As a business

If you want to set up a YouTube channel for your own business, avoid creating your account with a personal Gmail account. Instead, choose a Gmail account that is accessible to multiple members of your team.

This works if you have a branded domain like instead of for instance.

girgia 3

See an example above where they set it up as ‘fit skin gang’, a nice way of wording their beauty brand marketing team. They also redirect users to the official page.

If you’re looking to set a YouTube Channel for your business the best way is to create a Google Business page. 

Google My Business is wonderful and free resource that makes it easier than ever to update business information across Google Search and Google Maps. You’ll have a dashboard where you can update your opening hours, your business category, where your office is located and even check your website analytics.

Depending on cases, some areas of the page will not be updated until your business is verified. Once you get the code through the post just enter it into the channel and it will update your dashboard.

Follow the steps and after a few clicks your account will be created.

It will also be linked to your Google My Business dashboard.

Moving forward, when on YouTube always be sure to manage the right YouTube channel:

(credit )

Get started

First, upload a header and a channel icon, the specs are available here. There’s no need for Photoshop skills, just head over to free tools like Picmonkey or Canva. Then add a description and links to other social media channels (here’s how to do it). Lastly, add a channel trailer (instructions here), which can also be an animated presentation whilst you prep your videos.


You are ready to start uploading your videos.

However, here’s a rule of thumb: never upload a video without optimizing it.

These are often overlooked but doing this well will give you more visibility and get your brand ahead of the competition.

Keyword strategy

If you don’t want to create an Adwords account and use Google’s Keyword Planner, there are several free keyword tools you can use to gather information about how your audiences searches for content relevant to your brand. Make a list and make sure to sprinkle keywords throughout your video title, descriptions and tags.

Proper keyword research can really catapult your channel. So put the work into it.

Side Note from Gertrude (the blog owner): I use TubeBuddy to research keywords for my channel and highly recommend it. Sign up to try TubeBuddy for FREE here.


Tags are very powerful on YouTube, make sure to always include as many as you can and try to target your keywords as much as you can (or as YouTube will allow).

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If there’s a dialogue, a voice over or text in your video, make sure to upload a video transcript. This will help with SEO for your video. (here’s how to do it).

Use Categories and Playlists

Armed with your keyword research and your audience insights, think of different categories for your videos, i.e. Pasta dishes, deserts, etc.

Then create a playlist grouping all relevant videos to one category. This will increase your chances of a person viewing more than one video at once. 

Watch time on YouTube is HUGE. So if you can get people to watch several of your videos in one visit, the YouTube algorithm is more likely to promote your videos so you can gain more views and subscribers.

Here’s an example of what your YouTube playlists will look like.
How to start a YouTube channel from scratch. Grow your influence and income with online video.

Stay Consistent

Consistency here applies to many aspects of your YouTube channel.

Thumbnails – Staying consistent with your thumbnails screams professionalism and helps to build trust with people. However, never stop testing thumbnails to see which ones work. Never leave YouTube to choose thumbnails for you. It usually ends up picking one that may not get clicks.

Titles – Invest some time coming up with title structures and use software like Canva to make appealing thumbnails. 

Upload Schedule – The reason you love your favorite TV show is because they are typically consistent with their episode release. In order to build a loyal following on YouTube, you will need to be consistent with your upload schedule as well. If you can upload, once a week, do that instead of uploading 5 days a week one week and then going MIA for a month before you upload.

How to start a YouTube channel the right way


Website links & Custom URL

YouTube can be a powerful referrer to your website if you have one.

You can leave links to your website and affiliate products in the description of your video and mention in your video for people to click to those links.

To make referring people to your YouTube channel easier, you can also get a custom YouTube URL. You can get a custom URL after 100 subscribers.


And that’s how to start a YouTube channel!


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How to start a YouTube channel the right way : YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. Some people even prefer it over TV. So why shouldn't you use it ? If you've been thinking of starting a YouTube channel here's how to get started the right way.