Here are a few things other folks have said about my free + paid content.

“I make my living now as a SMM (social media manager).”

“I have my first appointment with a potential client”

“I’ve learned so much from you!”

“I went live for the first time!”


“Social media maven extraordinaire!!”

“The more I listened to her, the more the inspiration began to flow”


Gertrude is INCREDIBLE ! This class was not only filled with lots of information that helped me gain an understanding of how to start a business as a social media manager, it also feels like it filled me up with encouragement I needed to get out and step out and just do it. Thank you so much !!! AND thank you for answering my questions ! Definitely exceeded my expectations ! God bless !! —- Angeles J. (Happy Little Mango)

I discovered Gee and I am SO glad I found her. She holds nothing back and teaches the nuts and bolts of social media and blogging. If you are looking to learn about social media or blogging and building a business around that, then Gee is the person to talk to. I always look forward to her tutorial videos and her tips and tricks on how to do all things related to blogging and social media. She truly wants to help and to see you succeed and is worth the investment. Kimaaya R (Rofick Digital)