5 Free Tools To Create Stunning Instagram Stories


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Instagram stories is all the rage right now. And if you know me, you know I like to stay away from the “rage”.

However, I have used Instagram Stories for the last 2 years and have to be honest: I love it!

I’ve grown my YouTube Channel and podcast thanks to Instagram stories. People have bought from me because of Instagram stories.

In the post I wrote yesterday, I shared 5 ways I’ve used Instagram Stories in my business and how you can too.

In this post, I am sharing 5 free tools for beautiful Instagram Stories that support your business.

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5 Free Tools To Create Stunning Instagram Stories

Headliner App

I found out about the Headliner App at Social Media Marketing World earlier this year and have been using it for ALL kinds of things.

I mostly use their 9:16 temples to create audiograms (an audio snippet or teaser) for the Create and Prosper Podcast.

You can also use it to transcribe videos so you have text on your videos that you share to Instagram stories.

You can create memes.

It makes promoting content super easy and for that reason I highly recommend it as a must-have tool for Instagram Stories.

Sign up for the Headliner App here.


Inshot is available on Android and Apple devices.

You are able to edit pictures and videos and create some stunning graphics with this tool and quickly!

If you’re planning on using Instagram stories in your business, Inshot is a must-have.


The third tool is Canva.

Canva is truly THE saving grace for many content creators, myself included.

Recently I noticed that not only can you create templates for your Instagram stories in Canva, you can add stickers and moving graphics to those story templates and create something truly unique!

I also love that I can use Canva both as an app and as a tool on a desktop computer.

As much as I love apps, sometimes I love the range of motion I get with using Canva on my desktop to create.

Boomerang App

I know, I know.

Instagram Stories does have the Boomerang feature that you can use right there in the Story feature.

However, I still find the stand-alone Boomerang app useful.

When, I go to a place where I don’t have Wi-Fi, but I want to create a boomerang immediately, I go ahead and use the standalone Boomerang app. I then save it to my phone and then when I get to a place where there is Wi-Fi, I go ahead and post it to my stories.

I found this helpful when I was traveling internationally this past summer.

So when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or your phone’s data plan, Boomerang is great for catching those “in-the-moment” moments.


Now, this will sound like cheating.

I think like Snapchat has a lot of beautiful filters-filters that are definitely more creative and attention-grabbing.

I however don’t use Snapchat in my business but I do use Instagram stories.

So I still have Snapchat on my phone so that I can use those filters to create those amazing images and/or videos

And then I download those onto my phone and then post it to my Instagram Stories.

So yes, I’m sorry Snapchat! It feels like we’re cheating on you. But you do have bomb filters for Instagram stories.

Was this post helpful?

Are there other tools you use for Instagram stories that I didn’t share here?

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5 FREE TOOLS FOR CREATING STUNNING INSTAGRAM STORIES. Do you use Instagram stories for your business? You should! In this post, learn about 5 free tools that will help you create stunning graphics for your Instagram Stories. #instagram #instagrammarketing #instagramstories #igstories