How To Market Your Business Using Youtube – Interview with Tracy Timberlake

Today’s interview features Tracy Timberlake of

She is a beauty vlogger and a video strategist who is helps entrepreneurs market themselves and their businesses on Youtube.

If you have been around me long enough, you will know that I absolutely ADORE video content. Video just allows you to connect in a more authentic way than any other medium, in my opinion.

How To Market Your Business Using Youtube

In this episode, Tracy provides the 411 on :

a.What it means to be a full-time Youtuber

b.The importance of creating videos that are fun for you to do

c.Keywords, Youtube SEO and getting very CLEAR on your audience and how this will help you grow your subscriber base quickly.

d.The equipment she uses PLUS equipment you can use if you are a beginner

e.Why Adsense and Affiliate marketing are not the very best ways to monetize your Youtube Channel and what to do instead.


Tracy mentioned several of the video tools I mention in this blog post.

Tracy’s Free 5-Day Youtube Challenge where she spills all her secrets on what it takes to become a successful Youtuber + monetize successfully.

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