5 Smart Things To Do When Your Blog Post Goes Viral

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It happened to me recently.

I opened my Google Analytics and I could not believe the traffic that had come to my blog that day – it was almost 3 times what was the norm for me. I thought to myself “Oh okay, that must be a fluke of some sort. It will settle down tomorrow.”

Well, happily enough for me, it did not. The trend continued and before long my basic website hosting bandwidth was GONE !

Good problems to have if you ask me!

However, upgrading my hosting package was not the only change I had to start implementing.

If it has not happened to you yet, trust me, it will and when you does you should be prepared to implement some or all of the 5 actions I am about to share with you.

5 Smart Things To Do When Your Blog Post Goes Viral

  1. Add a FB conversion/tracking pixel 

  2. If you ever plan on using Facebook ads in your business marketing strategy, then you need to add Facebook pixels to your page. This goes without saying and without your posts even going viral.
  3. However, if you find out that there is a particular post of yours that is getting a lot of attention,that is a sure “ding ding” moment that you need to add a Facebook pixel for that particular post as well.

Here’s what putting that Facebook pixel on that page will accomplish for you.

    • If you ever decide to run some sort of campaign that offers a freebie related to the post to the audience that already visited it, you will have a higher chance of getting better conversions.

Turn Your Post Into Video Content

I love video and think everyone should be on video especially now that we have amazingly efficient and inexpensive tools that help us create video content.

A great way to decide what to create video content on is to re-purpose into a video tutorial, a slideshare presentation , a full webinar, Periscope or Facebook Live video.

The options are plenteous.

Expand The Post Into A Series

I think this should be a no-brainer – take each of the points you discussed in the original viral post and expand each of those and turn it into a full series.

For instance, I could expand this very blog post and create a full, bells-and-whistles (with video tutorials and worksheets) post out of each of the 5 points I am discussing with you today. It will take a bit more work but since your original post already went viral, this is just another way to keep people interested in your brand and for you to establish authority in your chosen subject area.

Regina of byRegina has a great blog post on expanding a post into a series into a book (which is YET another way to ride the wave of your viral blog post).

Develop A Specific Social Media Strategy For That Post

So now your post is being shared like crazy, you have re-purposed it into video content and created a series or book. Now it’s time to promote the fish out of all your work because by now you know that creating content is only 20% of your work. Promotion takes up the other 80%.

Come up with a simple social media strategy you can implement. An example could be :

1.Tweet 10 times a day

2. Create pins for each piece of content and get a consistent pinning program going using BoardBooster

3. Join relevant Facebook groups and contribute meaningfully to discussions and share your content where and when appropriate

4. Use Facebook ads/Promoted Pins/Sponsored Tweets to drive some paid traffic back to your blog.

5. Continue to talk about related content on Periscope and Facebook Live

Turn It Into An E-mail Freebie

Of course I was going to add this in. The ideas for turning your viral post into a freebie are numerous. I’ll list 5 of them.

  1. 1.The post itself can be an e-mail opt-in freebie
  2. 2.A content upgrade can be created for the post
  3. 3.The video content you created could be placed bundled into a mini-course and turned into an auoresponder series
  4. 4.The book you write as your way of expanding on the topic could be turned into an e-mail freenie
  5. 5.A webinar you create as a result of the viral post could be another way to build your e-mail list
  6. And there you have it. 5 smart things to do when you have a blog post of yours go viral.

Now that you know, go and do !

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.


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