5 Ways To Make Sure You Win At Your Business In 2017

I can hardly believe 2016 is about to end.

For me this is a time of reflection for me to look back on all that transpired this year : what worked, what didn’t work, where I need to put in more effort etc. Not just in my business but all around too.

Truth is, we can ALWAYS be improving. There is no ceiling to how you can grow in your life and business if you put the right pieces to work. Today I want to share 5 simple things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to make sure you set your blog and business up for an AMAZING 2017.

Invest in your learning strategically

There is a TON of free information out there these days. Much more than any one of us can consume in a lifetime.

When I discovered the world of online income and blogging, I tried to devour every bit of information I could find. I was signing up for e-mail lists and joining every Facebook community.

It did not take me long to get very, very overwhelmed and even paralyzed as to what direction would be the best for me.

Because I know what it’s like to want to build something and yet get overwhelmed by information, I am going to say this and say it once : invest in your own learning but do so strategically.

What do I mean by that ?

Devote chunks of time to learning a specific topic.

Do a deep dive.

Learn everything you can about it and then implement.

After that period of time is over, move on to the next topic and then cross the previous one off your list.

Here’s an example of how that your learning plan could look like :


Of course, you are more than welcome to dedicate as much time as you need to a particular topic.

I am currently using this type of learning plan myself except I have mine divided up into quarters. For instance in the last quarter of 2016, I have been learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing. I thought I knew affiliate marketing but once I did the deep dive, I realized what I knew was not even the tip of the iceberg ! I am grateful for that because now I am learning how to better position my business to earn affiliate income.

Focused learning can be powerful like that.

If you have the money, I highly recommend investing in quality courses and books that will cut your learning time in half . As a matter of fact, my philosophy is if you intend on taking your business to the next level, you will absolutely have to invest in it. Very few people achieve success otherwise.

By learning in this focused, step-wise manner, you will achieve more and honestly move along more quickly than trying to scour the internet for best tips and tricks and then feeling overwhelmed or even sometimes confused by the varying opinions on the subject.

The biggest thing here is not to get caught up in a learning vortex but to learn and implement. Implement. Implement. Implement. It is the only way you will see results.

Quick Recommendation : Udemy has some talented instructors who really will give you a wealth of knowledge on various topics. Seth Godin, the godfather of online marketing actually has courses on there too. I am an instructor on the platform and highly recommend it if you are new to online learning and are in the boot-strapping stage of things.

Build Your Platform & Stop Chasing The Bunny Rabbit

So. I want to talk to my peeps who chase after shiny objects and bunny rabbits all.the.time.


You will stress yourself and everyone around you out and then you will want to quit. It is impossible for any one person to be on so many platforms at the same time.

Live streaming is great.

Blogging is great.

YouTube is amazing.

Instagram is lit. (I did not know what “lit” meant until this summer. It apparently means “AMAZINGLY ON FIRE”.

I get it. But the truth is you cannot be on ALL these platforms, darling. You just cannot.

Where does your audience hang out ? Where are they more likely to find you online ?

Here’s a simple plan of action for building your platform.

STEP #1 : Choose 1 central platform – typically this would be a blog, a video blog/vlog/livestream channel or podcast. Think of it as your very own country. You are going to invest a lot of your time here.

STEP #2 : Choose 2-3 places where you will build a consulate or embassy AKA 2-3 social media platforms.

STEP #3: And then represent like you and your family own that consulate – because you do. Post everyday and multiple times per day if need be.

**New to blogging ? Take my free blogging course.**

If you are consistently creating content, building your readership and engaging on social media, it is possible to build a recognizable platform within a year or less.

Have a Profit Plan In Place

Does your business have a profit plan in place ?

What is the point of learning and implementing and making $0 ?

Yes. When you first get started online you might not make money for months. However, you can start planting the seeds from day 1.

Create a course. Write a book. Create a services page. Put up affiliate links in a smart way. Speaker ? Let people know you are available to speak.

You are building a business. You can make it look like a business from day 1 without being super-pushy and disrespectful.

Invest In Tools

I already talked about investing in courses and books so you could learn strategically. Here I am going to tell you to invest in tools because

  1. You simply cannot DIY everything and
  2. It will save you a lot of time.

This year I invested in Thrive Content Builder and Landing Pages. I stopped wasting my precious time on building half-cooked landing pages. Their landing page templates are super clean and effective and  have been a game-changer in helping me build my e-mail list this year.

I invested in Hootsuite Pro so I could manage my client’s social media account better.

I recently invested in BoardBooster so that I could schedule my Pinterest Pins. Honestly, with plans starting at $5/month, I wonder why I waited so long to start with BoardBooster.

I invested in a paid Mailchimp plan because I wanted to send out autoresponders to better connect and build rapport with my audience.

Each one of these is paying off in my business by either helping me save time or make money. This is what you want to do in your business.

Know Your Numbers Like Crazy

Last but certainly not least, know your numbers like crazy.

Know where your traffic is coming from. Know how much of that traffic is converting to e-mail subscribers. Know how many of those subscribers you need to buy your service or product to reach your financial goal.

This is why Google Analytics exists. It is also why every social media platform and every e-mail marketing platform has analytics built into it.

Great business owners keep close track of their essential numbers and are always working to improve them so that they can reach their financial goals.

Wrapping it Up

There you have it. 5 things you can start doing today to make sure you win at your business this year.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments !

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5 Ways To Make Sure You Win At Online Business This Year

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