12 Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Top wordpress landing page plugins paid and free

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If you are serious about making money with your blog, you need to be building an email list.

Email is still the top way businesses are keeping in touch with their customers and potential customers.

You can no longer count on social media to “house” the people you want to market to.

The recent Facebook and Instagram blackout should tell you that.

Why landing pages?

One of the most powerful ways for you to build an email list is for you to have a landing page (or three). A landing page is also excellent for selling your products and services.

A landing page is simply a page where people can do nothing but sign up for your freebie or exit the page.

If you have the right offer, landing pages converts visitors VERY well into subscribers.

Landing pages also do very well as sales pages for your products and services.

In today’s post, I am going to share twelve top WordPress landing page plugins that you can use to build a massive email list for your blog and business.

Let’s get into it.

12 Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins

#1-Thrive Architect

I’ve been using Thrive Architect since 2016 and I can say I am incredibly happy with it.

I’ve used it to create sales and landing pages like this one.

It comes at a very reasonable price point compared to similar high quality products.

Thrive Architect boasts:

  • 274 landing page templates (and from experience I can tell you that they are ALL sleek-looking)
  • Free updates
  • A very active forum where you can get your questions answered
  • And I love that the Thrive team has powerful educational content so that you can stay up to speed with what will work best for converting people

If you don’t want to use one of their templates, you could build a landing page from scratch using the elements Thrive Architect provides and you would be golden.

If there is one landing page plugin, I would recommend above the rest, Thrive Architect is it.

Price-$67 for a lifetime license for one website.

Check out Thrive Architect here.


#2-Divi Theme

I recently bought the Divi Theme for another website I’m developing and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

Divi is one of the themes you get when you sign up with Elegant Themes and it is arguably their most used and celebrated theme.

The thing I love about Divi is that like Thrive Architect, they have templates you can customize to build your landing page.

Or you could build one from scratch and it would look clean and professional.

I also love a tool that comes with the Divi Theme called Bloom. Bloom allows you to build gorgeous email forms like the one I have at the bottom of this post with just a few clicks. 

Their customer support is top-notch too.

Price-$89 per yearly license. And you can use Divi (or any other of their themes) on multiple websites.

Check out the Divi Theme here.


#3-Optimize Press

When I started blogging, I seriously considered getting Optimize Press before I took the plunge with Thrive Architect.

Needless to say, Optimize Press has been around for a decade or so and their tools to build WordPress landing pages has only gotten better with time.

If you plan on building a membership website that you charge people for on a recurring basis, Optimize Press is the tool that shines in that regard.

Price: $97 for a lifetime license that you can use on three websites.



If you are just launching your website and

  • You don’t really want people to see your website “under construction” or..
  • You would like to start collecting email addresses so you can inform people of your website launch

SeedProd is powerful tool you can use to do just that.

Their price points are also incredibly good.

Price: $37 per year for one website.

Check out SeedProd here.


#5-Landing Lion

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but would like to try out landing page software that you can use in minutes, I recommend taking a look at Landing Lion.

Price: Free and then you can upgrade if you want.

Try Landing Lion for free here.

#6-Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another great landing page builder that is chock-full of features and perhaps similar in fashion to Elementor which I talk about later on in this post.

The sense you get from Beaver Builder is that this is a tool for more advanced users.

Thus, if you are tech-savvy and learn quickly, Beaver Builder is not just an excellent website builder; it will help you build professional-looking landing pages as well.

Price:Starts at $99 and you can use it on multiple websites.



LeadPages has long been the gold standard in lading page plugins.

I’ve used it personally and even though I don’t know how it is now, I remember using it 5 years ago and feeling it was a bit clunky for me.

Nonetheless,  I have never doubted that it is a premium WordPress landing page plugin that is worth your attention if you want all the bells and whistles.

Price: 14 day free trial. $37-$79/month after that.


#8-Impact Template Builder

Impact Template Builder is another tool that has been around for a long time that you can use to build page templates for your website.

And of course, landing pages.




InstaBuilder is a drag and drop landing page builder that boasts over 100 done-for-you templates.

The unique thing about IntaBuilder is that they have graphic packs that you can use to increase conversions.

Price-starts at $77 for a lifetime license. When you buy this plugin for $77 you can install and use the plugin on up to 3 websites.


#10-WP Landing Page

WP Landing Page is a free landing page plugin you can use if you are still boot-strapping. Once you learn how to use it, it is fine. However, it is limited.

I would however recommend that you switch to a paid tool once you can.

This is a great option for you if you’re just starting out.



#11-WP Lead Plus Squeeze Page Creator

I was impressed with the options WP Lead Plus Squeeze Page Creator had to offer when I was researching them for this post.

You can create simple landing pages very fast and their prices are friendly to your pocket.

Price:$19 for one website license. $49 for 10 websites.



Last but not least landing page builder I’ll discuss here is Elementor.

Elementor is impressive and if you are more tech-savvy, this might be the tool for you.

Elementor boasts the following impressive features:

  • 300 templates to fit every need and industry
  • Mobile device editing – 70% (or more) people are now using the internet via their mobile devices. It is more important than ever to build landing pages that navigate seamlessly on a mobile device. Elementor helps you do that.
  • It is also translation ready. According to their website, Elementor has been translated into 50 languages and growing.

Price: $49 per year for one website.

Do you use any of these WordPress landing page plugins?

How do you like them?

If there is a landing page plugin I did not mention here but which you like, let me know about it in the comments below. 

If you’re serious about making money with your blog you NEED to be serious about building an email list. Here are 12 top WordPress landing page plugins you can use to start building an email list.