3 Work-At-Home Skills That Won’t Go Extinct

Remember VHS players ?

If you lived through the late eighties and early nineties, VHS was EVERYTHING !

In the late nineties, that trend was slowly overtaken by DVD players.

And then came BluRay.

And then…

You get the point.

Most technological advances last for a short while and then are replaced by the newer invention.

Work-at-home skills abound but will all of them stand the test of time?

In this post, I will be shedding some light on 3 very special work-at-home skills that are likely to be around for a very long time to come.

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Copy writing

Copy writing is any type of writing that moves people to buy.

Newspapers. Magazines. Books. E-mails. Billboards. TV Commercials.

These are just an example of where copy writing is used very frequently.

The reality is that companies are constantly having to write copy. They might not necessarily want to hire an in-house person to write copy or the in-house copywriter might be overwhelmed and need help.

Whatever the case is, there is a serious income to be made from copy writing. And as long as companies have things to sell, they will need copy writers.

Suggested Resource:

How to write copy that sells – Ray Edwards

Blog Writing

Every time I hear a business “guru” proclaim that blogging is dead, I laugh.

Yes, writing flimsy blog posts that offer no value are definitely dead. However, blog writing as a way of content marketing which builds trust and drives sales is very much alive.

And if it was not effective, companies like CoSchedule and Convertkit would not have blogs.

Which brings me to my point: since blogs are very much alive and companies need a constant fresh supply of content, if you position yourself as a blog content writer, it is very likely that you will rake in a good income.

Suggested Resources:

Earn More Writing by Holly Johnson.

I cannot recommend this course enough.

Holly personally makes around $20,000 writing each month (goals!). She really brings the goods in her course and thanks to her Facebook group, I landed one of my biggest freelance clients to date !

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Social Media Marketing

Everyone and their aunt is on social media.

This is not a bad thing!

Despite some of the challenges major social media channels have faced recently, social media is still a great place to market your business.

Businesses know this and so they start accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The problem?

Building an engaging social media presence takes time and it takes work.

Freelancing as a social media marketer is excellent because it is honestly varied and since social media is always changing, there is never a boring moment.

I personally started out my freelance career as a social media manager helping local businesses create content and grow their followings.

It was fun and I got paid well for it!

Social media may go through several iterations in the future. However, its’ role as a marketing platform for businesses will never go away.

If you are willing to roll with all the changes social media platforms spring on you every now and then, you will excel as a social media manager.

Suggested resources:

Shameless plug! Check out my book and course on social media management.

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Closing Thoughts

Freelancing changed my family’s life !

In this post, I gave 4 reasons why I sincerely believe that starting a freelance business is better than chasing passive income at least when you are starting to work online.

You don’t need blog traffic. You don’t need an e-mail list. You don’t even need to be popular.

All you have to do is to position yourself as a problem solver to your clients.

I know there are others, but the 3 skills I have listed above are work-at-home skills that will not go extinct.

Take a stab at any one of the resources I have recommended and put it into action.

You will not regret it.

I am excited to hear your thoughts in the comments below.