How To Write A Book Quickly : 3 Tips That Helped Me Write One in 10 Days

How To Write A Book Quickly : 3 tips I used to write one in 10 days A lot of people think that in order to write a quality, meaningful book you need to be "inspired".

It’s been a minute since I have written on the blog but it does not mean I have not been actively producing content !

I have a Monday through Thursday show on Periscope and Facebook Live where I drop all kinds of knowledge on creating multiple streams of income. You will realize that going forward most of my blog posts are going to be re-purposed from my live content – because I am trying to do MORE with less.

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If you are not a big video person or you just don’t have time to catch me live , you can still get access to that content right here on the blog.  This post is in fact from a live video I did almost 2 weeks ago.

Alright, now let’s get into this post.

I am a huge believer in multiple streams of income. Each month I pull income from my courses, affiliate income, freelancing  and consulting (on and off). Plus I still work my full-time job as a research scientist.

I am not going to lie, I ENJOY every bit of the experience.

And so recently based on idea I got from a mastermind I am a member of, I decided to write a low priced eBook based on my best-selling course Become A Profitable Social Media Manager as a way to introduce people to my brand.

I already knew the content and I knew there were some newer ideas I wanted to add in there so I got to work.

How To Write A Book Quickly : 3 tips I used to write one in 10 days

A lot of people think that in order to write a quality, meaningful book you need to be “inspired”.

I used to be one of those people.

It once took me a year to write a 100-page non-fiction book.

That was so unnecessary.

I respect the art of writing and understand all you folks who feel like writing a book quickly is “desecrating” the art. But let’s be honest for just a minute.

Inspiration can strike once or twice a year. If we always waited for that inspiration to strike, we would NEVER write. And honestly, I believe in “just shipping it”.

So what did I do instead ? I focused on these 3 essential techniques to finish my book.

  1. I created an outline
  2. I committed to writing for 1 hour EVERYDAY regardless of what was going on
  3. I outsourced the cover design and proof-reading

Let’s discuss each point.

Create An Outline For Your Book

This was the first step I took when I decided to write my book.

I already knew the content because I have created multiple pieces of content PLUS a course around the subject already.

So I sat down one evening, opened up my Google Docs and spent about 20-30 minutes writing down the major topics (AKA chapters) I wanted to discuss in the book.

This process may be arguably different if you intend on writing a book you have to do a lot of research for . But even then, you can set aside a few hours on the first day of your book-writing journey and outline your book.

From then on, all you have to do is develop each point in your outline with facts, figures and information and you are good to go.

End of Day One.

Commit To Writing For An Hour Per Day

Now that you have an outline for your book and an idea for what will go into each chapter, it is time to start developing the ideas in your outline.

I committed to spending an hour each day writing/developing each idea on my outline.

I typically write in the evenings so when it was time to write, I would shut down my social media, close my e-mail and ONLY leave the browser open for Google Docs and a little nifty tool called EggTimer.

I used EggTimer to create 60-minute timers. When the timer was going, I did nothing BUT write.

I am a medium speed typist which meant that in that 1 hour where I was completely focused on writing everyday, I was able to write between 800 and 1100 words.

After the timer went off, I would stop writing.

It was as simple as that. I kept that up for 8 days straight and was able to come up with an 8,000+ word document.

Outsource What You Need To Outsource

Now that I was all done writing, there were 2 major things I needed – a cover for the book and for someone to proof-read my book.

I went on Fiverr and found a top-rated eBook cover designer whose work was widely praised and spent $31.50 on the design which included the png, pdf, jpeg and 3-D images of the cover. I wanted something simple enough so the turn-around was less than 48 hours.

Next, because I had written the book and sometimes when you do that you tend to “fill in” words and not see errors, I “outsourced” the proof-reading of the book to my dear hubby. Once he gave me the go-ahead, I knew I was ready to go.

If you don’t have someone who can help you with editing and proof-reading, I highly recommend you find proof-readers/editors on Upwork and Fiverr to help you with your book.

The point here : whatever you do, have someone else proof-read your book.

And that was all it took for me to finish up my book within 10 days !

Now like I said in the beginning, especially when you have to do heavy research on the subject you are writing about, you will spend more than 10 days writing your book. However, even with that kind of heavy research (I am a research scientist after all and did write my PhD dissertation in about 30 days), you could still produce a book a month if you really wanted to just by using these 3 simple techniques I just shared.

Are you planning on writing a book ?

Did you find this helpful ?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.


How To Write A Book Quickly : 3 tips I used to write one in 10 days A lot of people think that in order to write a quality, meaningful book you need to be "inspired". Not true ! Here's how I wrote a book in 10 days.